Pancha ayudha Stotra, is prayer of the five weapons possessed by Lord Vishnu. These weapons are: Sudarshan Chakra, Panchajanya Shankha, Kaumodaki Gada, Nandaka Khatgha, and Saranga Dhanush. These are the five weapons possessed by Lord Vishnu, and this stotra celebrates the possessor of the weapons- Vishnu Bhagwan himself.

The way Vishnu ji came to obtain these stotras is quite interesting. Sudarshan Chakram and the gada, Kaumodaki Gada, were made by Vishwa Karma, the Architect or builder for the Gods. The Saranga Dhanush was made by Lord Brahma. The Panchajanya Shankh was obtained by the Lord after killing an asur or a demon who went by the name Panchhaja. This demon used to reside in this shankh.

The sword called Nandak was obtained by Lord Vishnu during one of the Maha Hom (or yagnas) performed by Brahma jii. While performing this Hom, an Asur with a thousand arms used to obstruct the rituals. The name of this Asur was Loha. Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Brahma ji, seized the Khataka, called Nandaka Khetaka from the Asur. He used that very weapon to slay the Asur.

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